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Consider Outsourcing!

One of the best things a nonprofit organization can do is to outsource its bookkeeping tasks to a qualified professional with the expertise and experience of working with nonprofits on a regular basis. At Nonprofit Money Sense, we know exactly what it’s like to operate in the nonprofit world effectively and efficiently. You see, it’s all we do! 


Taking on the dreaded task of maintaining accurate books and necessary reporting is what we’re here for. You focus on your mission and fundraising; we’ll handle the books!

  • Record and Post Income and Expense Transactions

  • Bank/Credit Card/Investment/Loan/Merchant Account Monthly Reconciliation(s)

  • Prepare and Review Standard Financial Statements *

  • Communication with Auditor and Tax Preparer as needed

  • Various levels of communication and support available to meet your needs

*Statement of Activity (Income statement), Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), and Statement of Cash Flows. Month-end Journal Entries as needed

Custom Services

With a large array of services, we can free up time and resources to focus on your mission, impact, and fundraising. Every organization is unique, so we customize every package!

  • Account Setup and Conversion - from existing software as needed 

  • Dedicated Cloud Storage Solution - for document and receipt management

  • Record Donor Transactions in Donor Management Software

  • Accounts Payable Management

  • Accounts Receivable Management - with custom invoices

  • Customized Reports - tailored specifically for your organization

  • Payroll -  for you and your staff

  • Historical Clean-Up and/or Catch-Up Work

  • 1099 Tracking and Reporting - at the end of the year

  • Personal Finance and Tax Preparation - available for existing clients


Consulting CFO

Expertise, education, and experience accompany a high level of professionalism when you outsource your bookkeeping and tax preparation needs to Nonprofit Money Sense. We will collaborate with you to determine exactly what services you need.  We can help with payroll and offer advisory services as we fulfill the role of your CFO.

  • Budgeting – includes set up, tracking, and monitoring 

  • Allocation of Income and Expenses

  • Audit-Ready Financials

  • In-depth Review of Financial Statements with Analysis

  • Expense Review - annually 

  • Cash, Payroll Projections

  • Grant Financial Management

  • Fund Management Reporting

  • Reconcile Donor Management Software with Accounting Software

  • Risk and Controls Assessments

  • Documentation of Internal Controls and Monitoring

Tax Preparation

Let us prepare and file the following year-end documents in addition to certain IRS tax forms. 

We can also keep track of due dates on your behalf.

  • 1099 Tracking and Reporting - at the end of the year

  • W-2 Forms

  • W-3 Forms

  • IRS Tax Form 990

  • IRS Tax Form 990EZ

  • Personal Finance and Tax Preparation - available for existing clients

Tax Preparation
Consulting CFO
Custom Services
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